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“So much fun, not a single boring moment. The staff really help you get into it! Laughed the entire time.”

SUCH A FREAKING BLAST!!!! My Husband and I came and fought each other and laughed the whole time and left with my facing hurting from laughing so hard! It REALLY IS great for date night or a birthday night! The best birthday party place in Utah hands down!
Elizabeth F.

It’s so much fun. It’s cheap it’s crazy . I got to beat up my best friend! 🙂

Megan G.
The best five bucks I have ever spent, plus the pleasure of seeing my boyfriend fly…yes I, a 5’4″ made my 6 foot something hunk fly and he laughed while on the ground 🙂
Melissa T.

The staff was super friendly and really fun. We had an awesome time. Definitely recommend this!

Madeleine S.